Teacher Bio

DeskI have been in education for 26 years and I believe that I have played an important role in the lives of the children that I taught, the teachers that I have mentored, the parents that I have comforted, and the cultures that I have brought together in collaboration.  I have worked closely with teachers providing them with strategies and techniques in setting up effective classrooms and managing student behavior.

My goal is to utilize my education and experience to provide guidance and assistance to others, enabling them with the necessary tools to provide a successful learning environment for all students.

ENMUBachelor of Science in Education

Major:  Elementary Education

Minor:  Special Education

Certification:  Elementary Education (K-8)

Special Education (PK-12)

Completed: 130 credit hours

Graduation:  December 14, 1990

TAMUKMaster of Education

Major:  Special Education

Certification: Educational Diagnostican (EC-12)

Completed:  36 Graduate hours

Graduation:  May 5, 2006

TAMUKDoctorate of  Education -ABD

Major:  Educational Leadership

Certification: Principal (EC-12)

Completed: 69 Graduate hours