Lesson Plans Aug.22-26, 2016

Lesson Plans Aug. 22-26, 2016

Ms. Ashley – 6th / 7th Grade- Resource English Language Arts and Reading

*Lesson plans are subject to change.


EQ: How can you be the best Wrangler you can be? How can you be a successful, responsible, respectful middle school student? How can you be successful in the ELA classroom?

Monday Cafeteria: students pick up yellow schedules

Supply pick up 2nd Period: 4 glue sticks, 2 boxes tissue,1 pkg pencils, 1 container clorox wipes.
1. Attendance (*¾)

2. PokemonToss:

   round one- name elem. school, what’s your name?

   round two- name something you did this summer, call name to pass

   Round three-name something that you wish you had done, call  

   name to pass.

3. Syllabus

6. Book Frenzy

7. SSR

*3/4th period: official attendance,

Tuesday 1. New seats (Assigned)

2. Attendance

3. Journal: Describe your first day of middle school. What were you nervous about? Who are your teachers/ friends? What’s been the most surprising thing you didn’t expect?  (<10 min)

4. Planners/demerit folders                                

   Pass out and names on front of planners and demerit folders

   Fill in homework for the week (inc: bring journals)

   Explain hw notice/ stamp

5. Tour of classroom/ Classroom Procedures

6. Emergency Procedures

7. Scavenger Hunt

8. SSR

*Report back to 4th- cafeteria team building

Wednesday *Pick up journals

1. Journal prompt: Yesterday we did “Team Building” Games in the cafeteria at the end of the day. Write about your experience.

Questions to help you think:
-What was your favorite game? Why?

-Why do you think it’s important to play games like this at the beginning of the school year?
Today is picture day. When people look at pictures, they can see what you look like, but not who you really are on the inside. What do you wish people knew about the real you?

2. Computer log in lessons

3. SSR

*Report back to 4th- big gym chant practice

Thursday 1. Put journal on desk, take attendance
2. Journal prompt: What do I want to do in the future?T-chart : What do you like to do? linked to What do you want to do?put comments on stars.


*Report back to 4th- boys: small gym, girls: library

Friday *Different Schedule

1st Period: Journal prompt & SSR

Journal prompt: Write a silly story about a kid who is experiencing a wild and crazy first week of middle school. (ex: Maybe the main character wakes up late, or forgets his glasses and can’t see anything, etc.)

4th Period: Decorate and hang decorations, pass out t-shirts (put them on)


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