Who Who is Afraid of the Dark?

We have been practicing a play in order to increase reading fluency, tone, and rate of delivery.
Who-Who, a barn owl, has a nest in the Joshua tree, which is one of the few trees that can survive in the desert where Who-Who lives.  The Joshua tree is a busy place during the desert night.  Scruff, a javelina, likes to sleep under the tree, and Polly the pronuba moth, helps pollinate the tree.  However, Scruff is having trouble sleeping because of all the noise that Who-Who is making.  Ask your child how Zillard, a rattlesnake, helps both who-Who and Scruff so that the desert night becomes a peaceful once again.

Some really got into character by making masks.readers-theater

Characters are:

Polly the Pronuba Moth -Yasmin
Scruff the Javelina – Lacey
Who Who the Barn Owl – Laura
Zillard the Rattlesnake – Anthony