6th /7th Grade Resource English Language Arts & Reading

Welcome to Resource English Language Arts & Reading! Your child will receive Specially Designed Instruction to address his/her unique learning needs so that they may accomplish their IEP goals and objectives. I am excited to begin this semester with a new group of amazing readers and writers! I would like to take the opportunity to share with you the expectations for our classroom.

In order to become a fluent reader, a student must read every day. Therefore, your student’s homework every night will be to read at least 20 minutes in the book s/he has chosen to read in class.  To promote a love of reading, I allow my students to choose the books they wish to read. While students may bring books from home or the city library, we also go to the Hedrick library every Monday, so students who wish to can check out books or renew a current selection. I have also built an extensive library in my classroom to provide students with yet another source of books. Students are to bring the book they are reading to class every day.  This is part of their grade. Parental guidance works best with each student for book content and subject matter, so please take an active interest in what your student is reading. I monitor books for appropriate reading level only.

Grading System:

Daily Grades

(Journals, class assignments, homework, etc.)

Major Grades

(Quizzes, Tests, Projects, Essays)



Progress Reports: The grading periods are divided as 4 – 9 week periods. Each 9 weeks your child will bring home progress reports on the 3rd and 6th week. For up-to-date details on your student’s grades, please go to:, Parents, Skyward Family Access and set up a family log-in to view your student’s grades online. Skyward also allows you to use Google Translate to select a language of your preference.

Late Work/ Absentee Work: The consequence for late work is to complete the work. Students are expected to turn in all work in a timely manner.  When a student is absent, it will be the student’s responsibility to obtain the missing work. Students are accountable for completing all work.

Tutoring:  Tutoring is from 8:15- 8:40 AM daily.


Contact: Jan Ashley   – or Phone: 972-350-8938

Website available: September 29, 2016